About Us

  Max Guns and Ammo sells quality new and used firearms, shooting accessories, and ammunition.  The shop serves all types of customers from occasional shooters and hunters to professionals like police and military.
Although there are a handful of firearm shops in the western suburbs, Max Guns and Ammo is distinguished from the rest by paying the highest attention to customer satisfaction.   
Lastly, we take the pain out of the gun and accessory buying experience by having a well-stocked inventory of Firearms, the ability to find anything our customers want at a price they can afford, and a place to receive their online purchases as an authorized FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealership.

  Max Guns and Ammo will strive to be the gun shop with the highest customer satisfaction rates in the metro area. In turn, shooters of all types and abilities will recommend Max Guns and Ammo for all of their firearms and accessories needs. 

Max with Governor Mark Dayton and a fellow hunting enthusiast.